Augmented Reality

The speed at which Technology has grown over the last 5 years have been phenomenal. And, with the advent of Augmented reality, new possibilities have opened up for Businesses to be able to showcase their products and services in this unique new perspective. At Konrad Technologies, we have always ensured we keep innovating and implement the best technologies to provide our clients with holistic and ground breaking solutions.

Our Augmented Reality (A.R) solutions enable businesses to capture a brave and brand new market segment where engagement levels with end customers soar beyond the current scope. Imagine having your end customers look at how a pair of glasses will look on you real time, or what shade of makeup or lipstick suits you the best, even at restaurants, you could be looking at how a particular dish looks like from all angles… The possibilities are endless. Here are a few possibilities of how your business could take advantage of our A.R solutions: 

  • Design & Modeling
  • Business Logistics
  • Classroom Education
  • Retail 
  • Training and Development 
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Geo-Directions
  • Social Notifications

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