UI and UX Design

Hi Team, Just a quick Email to thank you for all your work on our mobile app. Your service has been excellent. And the app looks really good. We have just got few customers from it already.


Midland Bus Company


At Konrad Technologies, we aim at designing products that deliver a phenomenal experience by bridging the gap between the stakeholder goals and user expectations. Whats starts off as a process to understand our clients needs and wants; very quickly, turns into an inter-dependable relationship, whereby both parties contribute their thoughts and ideas to ensure the absolute best for the end customers.  We incorporate industry best standards and practices of UI and UX designs and maintain a process of effective and timely communication with our clients during the entire development lifecycle. We focus on the needs and wants of our clients, however, our team of UI and UX strategists, designers and developers aim at achieving whats best for the end customers by placing ourselves in the end customers shoes and communicating all thoughts and ideas with our clients regularly so that their approval is taken before any implementation.

All apps/websites undergo a rigorous testing process wherein the designs, navigation, usability and customer experience are tested thoroughly by our Quality and Compliance team. We follow A/B testing and document all updates in each build of the app/website so that at any given point, in the event of a change of staff on the project, the progress is never effected. The end product is a robust and scalable user experience which help our clients maximise their Return On Investment (ROI), and meet their business goals.   


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